Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.

In approximately 3.5 hours I will be on a plane bound for Australia. I begin with a 13 hour flight to Auckland, NZ. Hang out for about 3 hours before I board another plane going to my final destination: Brisbane, AUS. I should be landing in Brisbane around 11am Saturday Brisbane AUS time or 6pm Friday Cali time. My next blog will be from Australia!! Crazy.

I'm really excited. But I'm really scared and sad. And I ask that you all please keep me in prayer for the next week because I know that the transition is going to be extremely hard.

I apologize for such a short blog, but I really need to finish getting ready and do a double check through all of my luggage.

Thank you to all that came to my going away party this past Sunday. I really appreciate all of you friendships. It means A LOT to me.

Pictures of my plane trip to come.

Until then... much love.


alijoy said...

Did you find out what kind of team was on your plane with you? I still say Cricket!

kara said...

Andie!!! Brian Amandus & I were just wondering if you've landed yet. What's the future hold for me, oh great time/world traveller? (have I fallen in love yet?) (hee!)

I've been prayin' for you - and I MISS YOU!!! much love. in Jesus Kara

PS - you can do ALL things THRU CHRIST who strengthens you... (now get some rest in a real bed that doesn't involve recycled air and being squished in a tin can 35000 feet above this big blue marble called earth... and then go EXPLORE Brisbane - and report back soon!)xxoo