Wednesday, July 11, 2007

School Sweet School

Today it finally felt like I'm going to school.

I attended International Student Orientation this morning at 10am. We were seated in a theatre hall that could seat 400 people and we filled probably half of it. I sat in about the 6th row so that I could see the screen well (I've got a slight problem with seeing things at a distance). A few minutes before we got started they asked for everyone to move forward. So I did. First row. Right in front of the person speaking in front.

Orientation got started and I paid full attention. Trying to get as much out of the session as possible. I smiled, nodded. Just being polite.

About 15mins into the session the speaker asked us all to stand up and introduce ourselves to a few different people and get their names, where they're from and what they are here to do. So I got up and went around asking people who they were, where they were from etc and wrote in on my note pad. When they told us to be seated, the speaker looked directly at me and said "Now I'm going to need a volunteer." Still looking at me, "that person will stand up and tell us about the people that they met." By now I'm smiling and get the hint, so I raise my hand. "Thank you!", she says. They hand me a mic and I proceed to say my name and that I'm from America, Southern California" and an overwhelming "ooooooh" crosses the room. They must know where California is. It was funny. I told them all of the people that I met and then was given a Griffith University hat for volunteering!! YAY!! Free stuff is always good.

Following the Orientation I chose to take a quick tour of the campus. It's really not as big as I was expecting it to be... and not near as hilly as I thought it would be (not near as bad as CSULB). But it is in the bush. Lots and lots of bush. Tomorrow I'll give a quick lesson on "The Bush". At first the exterior of the buildings look a little rundown, but it's actually all in very good shape.

I've been trying to figure out my class situation all day, and have yet to come to a conclusion as to what all I'm taking this semester. So far I've got Contemporary Cinema, Screen Aesthetics, Hollywood Cinema and then I need to choose one more elective.

Tomorrow I plan on taking a tour of the library (oh how exciting!) and hopefully figure out my Work Visa so that I can find a job and start making money!!!

For now, here are some pictures of my room. It's not that exciting, but it's my own little place. I can lock the door and be by myself. I've got everything I could need: computer, bed and pictures of family. Well, actually I'd much rather have my actual family instead of pictures, but pictures will have to do. It will never be home to me, but it will do for school.

Australian word of the day:
Ta = Thanks


barnoult said...

Did we get an Aussie word yesterday??? Wow, I can't wait until tomorrow's word. Oh, the anticipation...!

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: your dorm room is so very... um.