Friday, July 27, 2007

First week done!

I have finished my first full week of Post-Graduate "Uni" in Australia!! Woohoo!!

And to tell you the truth I'm pretty excited about all of my courses. They'll be trying at times I'm sure, but I'm really excited about everything that I'm going to be learning. And it's really interesting to be taking Australian courses on Hollywood cinema and other "International" cinema and to be getting a completely different perspective (not being in the land of the big-and-glorious Hollywood).

Remember in my last post how I was complaining about the incredible writing styles of some of the authors that I was reading. The big words and highly intellectual structuring of sentences? Well get a load of this sentence:

"Greed, pusillanimity and quisling subordination to Hollywood hegemony were suggested, more or less plausibly, at the time."

I will send an authentic Australian postcard to anyone who can decipher that sentence WITHOUT using a dictionary or thesaurus. I had to use the dictionary FOUR times and then rewrote the sentence in a context that I could understand before I could read it and comprehend it. Stupid readings. But I'm learning... and gaining a bigger vocabulary. :)

Let's see... what else happened this week...

Oh! I got my work visa!!! So now I can go out and apply for jobs!! Small jobs. That will let me work a mere 20 hours a week. And preferably a job that gives me discounts or free food (such as a clothing store or a coffee shop). We'll see what direction God wants me to go in this area of my life. :)

I also got a PO Box this week... so all of you can send me packages now! Send them to:
PO Box 286
Griffith University
Nathan, QLD 4111

I'm really not expecting you to send me anything... don't worry.

I made a really bad decision tonight and drank a caffeinated latte at 10:30pm with the youth group at Mackie's (McDonald's)... and now it's 12:15am (Friday evening / Saturday morning) and I'm afraid I'll be up for a bit more.

Tomorrow I'm off to Brisbane Botanic Gardens in the city with Frida. I'm excited to get out into the city during the day. I'll be taking lots of pictures... so expect another blog tomorrow night. :)

I'm going to try to get some sleep now.

Keep the replies coming... I like to know that you're all still there! Let me know how you're doing too!!!!!


Matt's Mom in SB said...

Your stories are inspirational! I especially liked your review of the sermon at your church about the direction God is taking you. You might feel like you are on the "receiving" end of this journey, but I feel you are on the "giving" end. :)

Jare said...

yay! congrats on the first completed week! I;m so excited for you and am loving being able to read about all your experiences! LOVE YOU

alijoy said...

Pusillanimity, quisling, and hegemony for sure. But what was the 4th dictionary lookup for?

P.S. I suck right now at reading your blogs. I just did a quick 4 blog catch up. I'll do better.