Saturday, July 28, 2007

The City!!!

Today was a big day!

I woke up this morning to leaf blower's outside my window. That was wonderful.
Got out of bed and got ready to go out to downtown Brisbane with Frida. She took the bus to Nathan where I hopped on and then we took it to Queen Street (the heart of downtown). I'm actually incredibly tired, so I'm just going to tell it through pictures:


Waterfall on the Wedding Lawn.

Strange looking birds in the foreground, but beautiful nonetheless.

Incredible Banyan Tree. The branches form roots which literally turn into additonal trucks for the trees. It was amazing. I read that Buddhists believe that a spirit lived in the tree, so they wouldn't cut them down or even prune them. The trees would ruin land and sometimes even buildings.

Me in the Banyan Tree.

I spotted the US flag and had to snap a photo. Don't really know what it was for. I think it was just a hotel.

Back story - Frida and I were walking through Brisbane City Hall looking for maps and stumbled upon this set up of 'Brisbane at the Cinema'. It was a whole room filled with movie paraphanila and cool stuff. One of the cool things was a green screen that you could stand in front of. On the wall was a selection of locations that you could be. Frida and I decided to have some fun... and thus the following was created. Do enjoy...


Snapped a photo on Victoria Bridge. It got REALLY windy just as we were crossing.


On the other side of the river is South Bank. There was this beautiful walkway outside Griffith University's South Bank campus.

Griffith South Bank Campus

I had a frustrating moment today during lunch. Frida and I went to Subway (because everything else was just so expensive and we thought Subway would be cheap). So we walk in and I order my usual - Turkey on wheat. When I get to the cash register I realize that the $5.45 I was planning on paying was for the 6" sandwich alone! I get a combo anyway and end up paying $8.45!! And I don't even get chips!! They don't have chips. Instead I get one cookie. ONE. Usually if you change out the chips for the cookie at a SoCal Subway you would get TWO cookies. Also, I got a tiny little cup. Half the size of the normal cup you would get. Whatever. I pay and get a seat. I'm hungry. It gets better though. As I'm filling up my cup with Diet Coke I notice a sign on the soda fountain: "Refills $1.00". Excuse me?! Not okay. I vented my frustration to Frida. She just laughed and smiled politely. I refilled my tiny little cup anyway.... and didn't pay the extra dollar. Forgive me Lord.

Moving on...


Tonight I went to see 'Evening' with Maija at Garden City. It was fun to go out with Maija, but to everyone that is wanting to see this film... do not spend the money. Horrible movie. Confusing, frustrating, bad dialogue, no resolustion whatsoever. Good score though... same guy that did 'Finding Neverland'. But for those that really want to see it... wait until it comes out on DVD. Go see 'Harry Potter' or 'Transformers' - those are the films you need to see on the big screen.

So that was my day.
And now I'm off to bed.
Another big day tomorrow. I'm going to hand out resumes!!


alijoy said...

Yeah Soarin'!
Taking the Disneyness to the Outback!

barnoult said...

Andie - You are a HAM. Hammie Andie. haha! :-)

Mom said...

Andie, I was looking back on all your blogs...and then look at your current one in the city...I can see how far you've come,how much you've done, and the friends you've made. You are experiencing your dream of Australia, enjoy it, because we're enjoying experiencing it through you.

Jare said...

LOVE IT! adventures galore. you lucky duck, you. :)

Val said...

Ahhh... I love reading your posts. More more!!! A few things.... 1. you reminded me of Harry Potter when you were flying; 2. You should definitly read the books; 3. I forgot the other things I was going to say. Anyway. Look at you a crazy adventurer!

HKG said...

yay disney! you are having an amazing time! im jealous!!!