Friday, August 3, 2007

It's August!

Happy August everyone!
I've made it through July!! And my second week of "Uni" is complete.

Not an extremely exciting week - you can tell by the lack of posts.

Got sick on Thursday and am battling it off by taking liquid medicine 3 times a day, in addition to Advil in the morning and Benedryl in the evening to make me sleep. No help as of yet, but hopefully I'll wake up feeling a little bit better tomorrow.

Tonight - because I was sick - I opted not to go to youth group. Instead I was going to have a nice quiet evening. Make some dinner, watch a movie and turn in early. But when I went into the kitchen to make dinner Ariel and Eddie (flatmates) were making a big dinner. They asked if I wanted to join them and Ariel's friend Sharon, to which I said "Of course!". Tomo got back from grocery shopping and we invited him to join us too. So we had a big family dinner of Chicken and potato curry, stir fry, green beans, a tomato and egg mixture, omlette and rice. It was all fantastic.

(from left) Me, Tomo, Eddie, Ariel, Sharon.

Following dinner we were treated with Japanese sweets. Don't really know how to explain it... It was kind of a doughy ball with something inside. There were 5 different flavors. In addition to the Japanese sweets we had kiwi and wafers similar to Tim-Tams (for those that don't know what Tim-Tams are.... well... I'll bring them back with me during Christmas break... they are delicious). And Eddie pulled out his guitar and we sang for about an hour. It was a lot of fun. Sharon, Ariel's friend, ran back to her flat and grabbed a recorder because she liked my voice so much. It was fun. :)

But I am exhausted.
And my head is starting to pound.

Tomorrow I've got a full day of Postgraduate Seminar. I'm missing a trip to the Australian Zoo so that I can learn... so hopefully it's beneficial to me in the long run. :)

It'll be four weeks tomorrow night since I first came.

Four weeks! Yay me!


barnoult said...
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alijoy said...

Does this Sharon person have connections with a recording studio? Are you going to be a rockstar now? Are you going on tour? Can I come?