Saturday, August 11, 2007

Week 5!!

It has been exactly 5 weeks since I've arrived in Australia.
Does it seem to be going by EXTREMELY fast for anyone else? As far away as home seems to be, these weeks (with the exception of the first 2) have flown!

Exciting news... my friend Maija is planning on going to school in Maine starting January. However, before her trip to Maine she will be stopping by in Cali to say hi... for a week or two. SO... because she wants to do EVERYTHING when she comes to visit she's trying to make up for everything now by trying to show me everything here! Which is wonderful!!!! We've both made lists of everything we want to do here and now we're making a list of everything we want to do in California! We're both soooooo excited!! God's cool ain't He?

Today was supposed to be a boring day for me. Wake up late, do laundry, go grocery shopping, watch a movie and turn in early. Well... the first three happened, but as I was shopping Maija called and wanted to know what I was doing tonight... turns out her cousin turned 5 today and they were going to have a birthday party for her. And Maija wanted to know if I wanted to go... Free food, fun family atmosphere... HECK YEAH! So it was Anastasia's fifth birthday and I was honored to share it with the whole family. Lots of fun:

Good fun.

Alison, I've got your Tim Tams! :)

Everyone else... I'll be bringing these back for Christmas, let me know if you want some. :)

Love you all!!!
Hope you're all well!


alijoy said...

Does that one tim tam say Hide me? Yay Tim Tams!!!!

barnoult said...

Arnoult's Tim Tam's??? Whaaa???