Friday, August 31, 2007


Just a quick one tonight.. :)

Tonight was Drive-In night at United (youth group) and my German friends - Katrin, Kathrin and Marion - came along too! So Maija picks us all up and brings us to church where they have a movie being projected on the side of the building. They've got a popcorn maker, cotton candy maker, hot chocolate... and in front of the "screen" they have carpet all laid out so that you can sit and watch the movie. Best part was that the movie - which I had no ided coming into the night - was 'Rocky Balboa'...

I wasn't too happy about that. But once the movie got started it was pure fun. The girls had brought food, I had brought some cookies. So we just hung out, made fun of some parts and just enjoyed ourselves. It was good times.

Tomorrow the girls and I are planning on going into the city for what's called 'Riverfest'. I guess it's an event that happens every first day of spring - which is tomorrow (Sept. 1). And in the evening they have spectacular fireworks. So we're gonna go check that out tomorrow. Should be fun!!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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