Saturday, September 1, 2007

Brisbane Riverfire

Tonight was AH-MAZING. The girls (Frida, Katrin, Kathrin, Marion and I) went into the city to catch Brisbane's "Riverfire". What Riverfire is is a celebration that the city throws every year on the first day of Spring - which was today, September 1st. It's ironically (and you'll see why later) a reminder to everyone to keep their river clean and to remind them that the river is basically their city. But Riverfire is an ENORMOUS fireworks show on the river. The ENTIRE city (and I'm sure people from all of the state) comes, sits on the bank of the river and watches this huge display. I wasn't sure if it was going to be that great because some people told me it's not what people make it out to be... but, oh, it was incredible.

We got off the bus in South Bank and were immediately hit by people. People people people. Then once we got to the river bank, wow. (I didn't take many pictures before the fireworks because my battery was dying and I wanted to conserve it, but there is a picture that I took afterward of us all crossing the bridge. Through the blurriness you'll see heaps of people. And that's only a sliver of what came.) We luckily found some space along a wall right on the river. It was absolutely perfect - don't think it could have been better actually.

We arrived around 5pm, found our seats around 5:30pm and the fireworks started at 7:00pm. The fireworks lasted for an unbelievable 25mins and was FANTASTIC.

Following the fireworks we walked over the bridge to the city and ate dinner at JoJo's (same restaraunt as before).

It was a great night. Wish you all could have been there. If you want to plan a trip to come out here, might I suggest doing it around the 1st of September. :) Especially if you like fireworks.

I could have put heaps and heaps of pictures up, but I'm not going to do that. They don't do it justice. And although a video won't be anywhere near what it was like to actually be there, it will have to suffice. :)

So without further adieu, enjoy Brisbane Riverfire 2007:


alijoy said...

No one has commented about Riverfire yet? I wanna come for the first day in spring!! Do they have anything cool for say... March 25th?

Mom said...

Your video of Riverfire was beautiful! You definitely have a gift for post-production editing. The music was perfect. It brought tears to my eyes. I loved it!

twyla said...

Hi, I have finally found time to read your blog. Your mom has been telling me how much she misses you and I have been wanting to find out for myself about what it like in Austrailia. Anyway, love your movies,and the pictures of the fireworks. How cool is that for spring? Anyway also was very touched by your expierience you shared on your retreat. How wonderful when God shows up just when we need him the most with that wonderful touch. I can relate to an expierience similar to that when Elroy was very sick. I still cannot get over how real God is and so I think your desire to keep this relationship real will not pass away.Praying for you and hoping you will be back soon. It looks like a completely awesome time for you. Thanks for sharing it is great to read and watch. Twyla

BIGMatt said...

Why are your feet dangling over parked cars 30ft below?? Are you crazy?