Sunday, September 16, 2007

I know why they call them "bugs"...

I just want to say that I despise bugs with a passion.

It's getting warmer and all the bugs must be coming out. And Australia's got bugs. Thank the Lord I haven't seen the big ones yet - not that I EVER want to see them... EVER.

Last night around 6pm I walked out to the bustop to catch a bus. I stood at the stop for probably 2 minutes before I looked down and noticed that I had about 7 mosquitos hovering around me and a few had already landed on my jeans. So I swatted them away and walked to where there wasn't any bush nearby and as far from light that I could be. Well, thismorning - around 5:30am - I awoke and found myself itching my feet. Being the smart one that I am, I had worn flip-flops the night before and the mosquitos had a full course meal out of me!! I woke up with six mosquito bites!! One on my right foot. And FIVE on my left foot. There are two right on my big toe - so of course I could feel the itching all the way down to my little toe and all the way up to my ankle. And then there's another a little bit higher, another on the opposite side of my foot and then another on the underside of my foot. The one on my right foot is just like the one on my left foot that's on the underside. *sigh*

They itch like crazy... And I have to make this crazy contraption of bandaids and tape so that I don't itch them throughout the day - or so that my shoes don't rub up against them as I walk. It's such a hassle!!

And then.... later in the morning - around 11 or so - I was walking back from the laundry room when I walked through a spider strand. Not a web, just the little string that they like to leave when the jump from tree to tree. So I freaked out, swatted around, and walked briskly inside. As I was putting away my laundry I noticed something in the air - that oddly moved when I would move my arm. It was the spider. It had hooked its way onto me and made a trip inside. It was attached to a 2 foot string that was attached somwhere on my right arm. It was only a tiny little spider. Didn't really get a good look at it, but I think it had a white body (no one tell me that they know what kind it is and it was poisonous... I don't need to know that). It didn't get to live inside very long, because as soon as I figured out how to get it on the floor I squashed it dead.

And THEN... (yes, it keeps going). As I was making lunch I noticed an ant running frantically on the kitchen floor. I killed it, put it in the trash. Found another one. Killed it, put it in the trash. Found two more, killed it - and as I was making my way to the trash killed 3 more. So I busted out the Insect spray and sprayed the entire border of the kitchen.

And then....(anyone who's seen 'Dude Where's My Car' is repeating the Asian lady over and over in their mind: "And then.... And then... And then....) while I was making dinner I heard this rapid buzzing that would stop and then start again. I looked around and couldn't see anything. I heard it again near the light. This time when I looked up I saw him... an insane fly. He was the fastest fly I had ever seen. BUT... was also the stupidest. Everytime he'd up and fly, about 2 seconds later he'd run into something... and reeeeally hard too. So he'd buzz really loud and fast and then - CLUNK - into the wall, or buzzzzzz-CLUNK into the fridge, buzzzzz-CLUNK into the cabinet. He stopped finally on the trashcan, so I put him out of his misery wih my trusty insect spray.

All night I've felt like I've had bugs crawling all over me.
I see gnats flying around every once and awhile. I feel like I have another mosquito bite.

I really hate bugs.
Good thing I decided to come to Australia.


Anonymous said...

I remember how you freaked out with spiders when you came to Mammoth Lakes. But it sounds like you are coping very well in your environment Andi. We're so proud of you in everything you do.
We don't like bugs either especially the Iowa beetles that come in the fall. That's why we leave before they come. Keep swatting....Love you Gram &Gramps....

barnoult said...


Sorry... but it's funny. ;-)


alijoy said...

Ewww.. you posted pictures of your feet? I mean... cute.