Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Singin' In The Rain

It has pretty much been raining for 2.5 days now and it's WONDERFUL!! I had a whole video made up to put up on my blog with footage of Australian rain and Jamie Cullum singing 'Singin' In The Rain' in the background... but for some reason my iMovie wasn't working very well and I wasn't able to export it. Basically, I'm not able to put it up. Bummer. The picture will have to suffice - although it isn't very cool cause you can't really SEE the rain, it's really only implied because of the random person holding an umbrella. But I do assure you that it is raining. And today it's been REALLY windy. It's wonderful. Finally feels like winter... when it really should be starting to feel like spring. Makes me feel like Thanksgiving or Christmas is right around the corner. But alas... it is not.

Tonight I went to Lifegroup at Maija's. It was refreshing. I really like those girls. I made cookies this afternoon to bring with me (bummer... I should have taken a picture - cause I take pictures of EVERYTHING... oh well). They were Mint Chocolate cookies - thank you Betty Crocker. Super easy and super good.

We're going to be starting a deeper look at the life of Esther - which I'm really excited about. I think because of the Women's Retreat this past weekend I'm on a big kick about the role of a Godly woman. I've never really studied it, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Maija also let me borrow a Joyce Meyer DVD... so I'm hoping to get into that sometime too.

I LOVE that I've got a great group of girls that I can talk about Jesus and life with. It's so nice. Hopefully it'll inspire me to get a group together when I end up going back home.

OKAY... for all of those that are looking for more video of Aussies with their accents... :) I got a video of Maija and Esther from Lifegroup talking However... again... because of my stupid iMovie, I was unable to edit it and it was taking over an hour and a half to load the thing up on youtube. As soon as I get my software working again (or figure out what I'm doing wrong) I'll get it up and you all can enjoy.

Until then... well...

G'day... how're ya goin'... throw anotha shrimp on the barbie... and no worries.

Hope all is well!!


BIGMatt said...

I wish we had some rain here. Its been in the low 90's with 80% humidity all week. IT SUCKS!! I want winter time to get here soon. I do not like warm weather, Sam I am.

Carma said...

hello, I know you don't know me personally, but I received your blog address from your grandpa Erv and grandma Louise... they are my aunt and uncle. I live in Iowa; I am enjoying your blog.