Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trial Run


So this evening was interesting. This past Monday I received a call from a Café located in the Garden City Shopping Centre (my mall) asking if I wanted to come in and do a "trial". I had no idea what a "trial" was, so she told me that it would last 2 hours, that I should wear all black, and that it would basically be a time for me to get a feel for what I'd be doing and if I liked it and if they thought I was capable of doing the job.

So yeah... I first needed to go out and buy a black top - which I did - and then I arrived at the Café - still honestly don't know what the name is, that's bad isn't it? It's advertised as Meal, but I keep hearing the manager say "Email Café"... so I don't know. I was going to take pictures of it so that you could see what it looked like, but I completely forgot. Sorry.

I show up at the Café at 6:15pm (for 6:30) and Leanne - the manager - introduces me to a few of the workers. I meet a girl from Canada who starts talking to me about everything that we (waitresses) do - ie: grab and apron, grab an order pad and pen, take menus to tables, how to write orders, where to put the orders, where the food comes out, etc etc. I ask her, "so am I just starting?" She replies, "yeah... they just throw you in". So I took orders, handed out food/drinks, and even made some coffee drinks toward the end of the night. It was.. nice. I really screwed up one order. Couldn't even say the name of the fish: Berimundi (?). The guy ordering it corrected me and asked where I was from. Yeah... and then I screwed up their order... twice, I think. I've NEVER waitressed in my life!!! I think I did okay. And they don't make drinks like they do at Starbucks... so that was interesting. And the one making the drinks - the one I'm learning from - is the manager, Leanne, so I'm walking on glass around her, trying to make sure I do everything right, but feel like I'm doing everything wrong.

But at the end of the night (8:50) she asks how I like it and tells me that she can't put me on the duty roster any more this week but she can next week and might call me if anyone calls in sick (!). I told her that I really did enjoy it and I feel that it's something that I can definitely get better at, but that I had another interview on Monday for another place (yeah... I'm too honest). So I asked her to hold off on putting me on the roster and that I'd let her know by mid next week where I stand.

So that's my night!! It was interesting. More than what I was expecting.

Tomorrow I have class and then I'm off to Marcoola Beach for a Womens' Retreat with church!! A friend of mine wanted to go so I'm going with her. It seems like it's going to be a lot of fun. It's at a resort about an hour north of here up the coast. So I'll definitely take pictures and will be blogging on it probably Sunday evening (which would be everyone's Saturday evening/Sunday morning). So keep an eye out for that!

Sorry I'm not blogging a whole lot. It's all pretty much the same kind of stuff now... school, studying, church group, sleep. But I promise I'll blog when cool stuff happens. And it will...


Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Mom said...

Wow! So now you know what a trial is! It's for you to see how you like them, not necessarily for them to see how they like you. Sounds like they need a lot of help! Too bad they don't tip in Oz. Hope you have a good time this weekend. Relax....enjoy the beach and the company. But watch out for critters :( Sorry, it's the mom coming out in me. Love you lots!