Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cordial and Vegemite

Tonight I was priveleged to go over to Maija's house for dinner. We ate tacos and nachos :) Felt just like home. Nothing crazy about the tacos. Some El Paso taco shells, meat, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese... and was even able to drink some Diet Coke! (I don't usually buy soda for myself unless I get it at the movie theatre).

Despite dinner being normal - and don't get me wrong, normal is not a bad thing... on the contrary, it's really nice - I was introduced to a few new and exciting things: Australian Cordial and Vegemite!!

Australian Cordial is a sort of concentrate that you mix with water - kool-aid if you will. The flavor that I tried tonight was "Coola". It "tastes like green" according to Maija's mom... or mum. :) It tasted like apple, melon, green. But it was good.

mmmmm.... tastes like green!!

Vegemite on the other hand.... well... watch the video below to get the full effect.

don't let the chocolately-like demeanor fool you... it DOES NOT taste like chocolate!!!


Mom said...

You know how you had to send us Tim Tams because they were so good? Well, maybe we need to get some vegemite to experience the bad. Although...we did get to experience it through your video. Nevermind :)
Please let Maija's family know how much I appreciate them welcoming you into their home and experiencing family time. I look forward to reciprocating that when Maija arrives in California. Even though it's just for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

i love that you put music with your video. it makes it so much better. it actually made me want to run out and buy

Robert and Holly Bennington said...

That video had us cracking up! I loved the slow-motion and dramatic music ... you're definitely in the right place:) I love your movies; keep posting them!

BIGMatt said...

Are you sure that green stuff wasn't toilett cleaner. It looks like a bottle of Simple Green!! I hope you had someone 'test' it before you drank it.