Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total eclipse of the... uh... moon.

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry it's been a bit.

The rain has gone. The sun is out. And no... the flooding of the Sunshine Coast did not affect me. But thank you for your concern. :) It's getting warmer and - as strange as it sounds to be saying it at the end of August - spring is on the horizon and summer is the air.

Not a lot has happened since the rain has subsided but here are the key points:

1) Saturday I was able to sleep in, thank you Lord, but later that day - around 2pm - I had another trial for a job. This time it was at a coffee shop in the middle of the shopping centre (or mall) called Jamaica Blue. I had really been hoping to get in there for a trial as my background fares more for a coffee server than a waitress. I was scheduled to be in for only an hour, but ended up staying a little bit longer because they were super busy. Afterwards I spoke with Jan, the manager, who shared with me that her and her boyfriend were going to be going to the states in October then driving to Canada and making a big excursion throughout the states. I accidentally let it slip that I was going to be going home in November - wasn't going to tell them that. She was okay with it, but the Operation Manager, Bradley, had the final say. So I was held in suspense for a few days. Finally, yesterday I received a call from Jan saying that they would love for me to come aboard - that is, if I would promise that I would be back at the end of February. I assured her that I would be back. So I have a job!! Don't know when I start just yet, but I have had someone tell me that I will be working for them! So that's good.

2) Maria, the girl that I went with to the Women's Retreat, and I were invited to lunch at one of the women's house. Julie welcomed us both into her beautiful home Sunday afternoon after church. And I was introduced to the wonderful world of "fish and chips". I'd heard of it before, knew what it was, but had never actually partook. It was good. I'm sure I will die a few years earlier than what I would if I hadn't eaten it... but it was still good. :) I unfortunately did not take any pictures of the aforementioned cusine, but I did happen to snag some pictures of the glorious view from the deck on which we ate. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

And Julie and her family - husband Frank and 26-year-old son Levi - were great company. They've offered to take Maria and I for a drive on the beach in their 4WD. :) That'll be exciting!

3) Tonight there was a Lunar Eclipse. And while all y'all in California have to wake up at 5am in order to experience the spectacle, I was able to watch the entire thing from my balcony at a comfortable time of 7pm, just after I ate dinner. :) I tried my best to take pictures, but they didn't turn out well. So my apologies to those that were planning on watching the eclipse vicariously through me.

4) Assignments are in full gear. I have a group project due on Friday for my Contemporary Cinema class where we have to take a foreign film (in our case, Pedro Almodovar's 'The Flower of my Secret') and prepare a film treatment of an Americanised, or Hollywoodised, version of the film. So we took the melodrama and turned it into an action film with the star-power of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jude Law, Kirstin Dunst, Benjamin Bratt and Jennifer Lopez). :) It was actually quite fun. I also have a short answer assignment due on Friday for my Australian Film class. In two weeks I need to have a draft of my research project for my Screen Aesthetics class. And I need to be thinking about topics for research projects for both Australian Film and Hollywood Film. So yeah. Yay school. I'm really happy that the semester is going by quickly - the closer home is - but the fact that it's going really fast also reeeeally scares me.... because that means that I have to get all of this done!!

Things are good.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, night I'm heading over to Maija's house again for dinner: Tacos. She said that we'll have to see if it's the same kind of tacos that I'm used to... I'll keep you posted and will take pictures if they're something completely bizarre.
Thursday will be devoted to homework.
Friday is United - Drive In. We watch a movie on a screen outside in the carpark (or parking lot). I've invited my German friends, who aren't Christians, so if you can just toss up a quick prayer for them right now that would be wonderful. Their names are Marion, Katrin and Kathrin. Just pray that they won't get scared and not come, and that when they do come that they'll want to come again, or that something - God - touches their heart in a way.
Saturday is Riverfestival and Riverfire.... I'll explain later, but it's in the city and it sounds cool.
Sunday is church.

Busy busy busy.
The days are going by fast.
But there's still a ways to go.

Miss you all!!!!


alijoy said...

Every now and then I get a little bit terrified, but then I see the look in your eyes... Every now and then I fall apart! Turn around...Bright eyes!! Shoot, now I have that song stuck in my head.
But those lunar eclipse pictures are still cool!!

And Levi? The guy I'm supposed to marry when he moves to the US? Was he cool?

barnoult said...

(Thanks Als - I didn't have that song in my head until I read your comment.)

Andie - I miss you!