Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First day of school!!!

Today was my first official day of graduate school!!! So to commemorate this event I have taken the wonderful "first day" pictures:

Forgive me if I look a little tired. Last night it rained and this morning I could still hear the dripping of the water off of the trees and it was cold and I was so nice and warm under my covers that I might have slept a little longer than anticipated. But I still made it to my class on time!

This morning we viewed the film "Rabbit Proof Fence" - an Australian film about the 'Stolen Generation' of Aboriginal-White children that were taken from their families. One girl ran away from the institution with her younger sister and cousin and traveled over 2000kilometres back home following only a rabbit-proof fence that was built from Southern Australia to Northern Australia to keep rabbits out of the west. It was a great story.

Later this afternoon we had a short workshop where we got to know the people in our class and talk about Australian Film. And I learned that I know practically NOTHING about Australian Film. All of these Undergraduate students (we have a mixed class) were naming off all of these films, directors and actors that I had never even heard of! And I'm thinking - I'm supposed to be smarter than them! So this weekend I plan on renting a few movies and plopping myself down in front of my computer to learn more about the Austrlian film genre.

To say the least: I'm still extremely nervous. But it's only week one. Hopefully my fears will subside once things get going further.

Tomorrow is a long day with Hollywood Cinema. Hopefully I'll know a little more about that material. :)

OH! And tonight I went to Life Group at my friend Maija's house. It's a small group with about 10 girls from the youth group. It was really great. We talked about pretty much everything: school, church, God, relationships, prayer, hopes. It was really nice. I met new people and hopefully made new friends. They meet every other Tuesday and we've already planned on going out for dessert next time we meet. I'm really excited! I'm so glad that I went to this church! They have 2 services on Sunday (I haven't gone to the night-time service yet... but plan to eventually), they have youth group (United) on Friday nights and now I've got a small group with a bunch of girls around my age every other Tuesday. It's wonderful! The only thing that's a bummer is the fact that I need one of them to pick me up and drop me off every time. But they've all been really great about it. I need to figure out buses and transport and everything so that they don't have to pick me up every time.

God is good though. I've been wanting something like this for awhile. Just had to come to Australia to get into it apparently.

And it was confirmed tonight that 'Lost' and 'Grey's Anatomy' are both viewed here. So I am okay to stay. :)


barnoult said...

Thank goodness they watch "Grey's Anatomy"! You would just have to come home if you couldn't watch it. ;-)

Mom said...

Or we would just tivo it and you'd have a marathon "Grey's" & "Lost" day(s) during your summer break. But it sounds like you're going to have plenty to do while you're at school. And I'm so glad you're making friends. That will help this experience last a lifetime.