Saturday, July 21, 2007

Order of the Phoenix.

G'day! How're you goin?

Not a great deal happened today. Slept in. Took a walk about the campus. Talked to the family (again, happy birthday dad). Did some laundry. Read. Played some sudoku. Talked to Bryan. And then went out with my German/Sweedish friends again.

Tonight we went to the Cinema (take note that Australians call the movie theatre the "cinema") to catch a showing of the newest edition of 'Harry Potter': The Order of the Phoenix. And it was wonderful! I'm not an uber fan of the Harry Potter series. I've never read the books, don't think I've even seen all of the movies. But I did see the last one that came out and was excited to see this one... and I was not let down at all. It was very much well done. Nice to get to the movies again. And this one made me want to go and read the books... I'll check the library and see if they have the series and maybe in my downtime (ha..) I'll read them. We'll see.

Tomorrow I've got church... and seeing as how it's midnight already, I should probably be off to bed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Talking with Bryan on Skype.

Marion and I admiring the 'Harry Potter' display.

Marion hanging out with the Simpsons.

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Jare said...

read them! READ THEM! haha i got sucked in last year and have been pretty much obsessed ever since! haha... (c;mon - everybody's doing it....) :)