Saturday, July 14, 2007

One week...

Can you believe that it has been exactly one week since I've been here? Feels like it's been A LOT longer. Hopefully when classes start up the days will go by faster.

Today was a good day. Had a fairly good night's sleep, cleaned up around the flat and then worked up the courage to go off campus by myself. Once I finally thought I had figured out the bus system, I went to the campus bus circuit and jumped on a bus to Garden City - same bus that I took yesterday, except this time I was by myself. So when I got to the shopping center I had more time to browse around. I went store to store and compared prices of the things that I will be buying most often. Is that weird? :) I also found Gloria Jean's - a cute little coffee shop that I'm interested in working at. I spoke to one of the girls working and asked if they were hiring. She said that all I need to do is bring in a resume. I found it interesting that I have to bring in a resume. They don't have applications like the stores around home.

Once I was done at Garden City I took a bus that I had never taken before up Logan Road - don't worry, I took it on purpose. :) I was trying to find Garden City Church. I had found the route online, and just needed to figure it out for real. So I took the 175 up Logan Rd. to the Rover St. bus stop and got off. The church is located at 16 Rover St., but it took me awhile to actually find Rover St. After a few large circles and finding a Target (!) I found Rover St. right the opposite way of the bus stop. :) Just up the street was Garden City Church. It was quite large - big parking lot. I'm thinking about going there tomorrow (which is Sunday for me), but we will have to see. I heard from Bec today and she's coming up to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon to see a friend and was wondering if she could come over. I told her definitely! But it might conflict with church. Services are at 8am and 10:30am. The problem lies with the bus system. They don't leave campus any earlier than 9:10am on Sunday mornings. So if Bec comes by around 11, then it's no church for me.

I saw my first Americans today!!!! I was on the bus coming back to Griffith and there was this group of about 10 students going back to Griffith with huge bags of pillows, food, blankets and other dorm accessories and speaking with American accents! When we got off at Griffith I asked one of them where they were from. She said that she was from Michigan, but there were other people in the group from different states, but no one from California. Oh well. They were a bunch of students in there Junior and Senior year of college doing a semester abroad. I wished them luck and said it was great to see Americans and went on my way.

So I'm a big girl in Australia, riding buses and "cooking" for myself. :)
But it's only been a week.


MOM said...

I visited Garden City Church's website. It looks good. Hope you're able to attend. I'm so proud of how well you're doing with the bus system. You're very brave. And thanks for posting every day so far, I look forward to reading it every morning. Lots of love.

HKG said...

Im so amazed by you andia! i think i am envious of you. youre getting along well and doing it all by yourself. I hope this experience has you doing all sorts of adventures. and dont forget the pictures because i love them!! i miss you already.

alijoy said...

YEAH! Bus conquerer! Woohoo!