Tuesday, March 25, 2008


so much Sydney today. and not a lot of time to talk about it (6mins left already).
so i'm not going to really say much except:

we saw the bridge, we saw the opera house, and I almost cried. :)
it was a really good day. with actually pretty fair weather. didn't really start raining until around 5pm or so.

we're off to find a great dinner spot.
look forward to the video when you go back to work next week monday :)

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Anonymous said...

I told you guys that you love the opera house. It's so gigantic and beautiful in everyway overlooking the water. Sounds like the bus ride was very similar to the one we took where you get to see so much of the city and how the RICH people live, right? Just continue to have a GREAT TIME. G & G.....