Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good day.

Usually Thursdays aren't really wonderful. Today, on the other hand, was quite enjoyable.

It started out normal - waking up, getting ready for class - and then, while I was eating breakfast, I got to talk to/see my new favorite person!

Isn't she adorable!!! I LOVE that I can see her and talk to her and hear her!! She's fantastic. And even though when mom went to get her a bottle and the first thing I wanted to say was "I'll hold her!", only realizing that there's no way that can happen, it's still pretty awesome that I can be so far away and still get to talk to her. She still doesn't really understand what's going on when Auntie Andie's on skype, but it's cool for me!

During class I got a call - which I obviously did not take in class. While on a break, though, I checked my messages and I had gotten a call from QPAC requesting me to call them back. When I called them back, Louise - HR - told me that they would be happy to have me aboard. Wonderful thing is that they don't need me to start working until April 1st - which works perfectly with my schedule because Easter break is next week and I don't want to work yet! So: I HAVE A JOB!

After class, I went to check my mail, and I GOT A PACKAGE!! I love getting packages!!! :) It makes me feel so special! So I brought it back to my room and opened it up. And inside I found:

With it was a note that read:

"To help you sleep like a baby. :) Love you! Miss you! - Beth, Matt & Katie"

See, about a week ago I had a night where I just could not sleep. I woke up at 1, then 2, then 3:30 and then decided I'd just get up and sit at my computer for a bit. I found Beth online - at work, cause it was around 11am in California at the time - so I sat and talked with her on Instant Messenger for an hour. She asked if she needed to get me a Sleep Sheep. She had gotten one for Katie. It's a little sheep that plays soothing ambient noise like a stream, rain, the ocean and whale noises. I thought it was a cute idea, but I didn't realize that I'd actually get one!!! And I LOVE IT!!! It's so small and cute, and so soft. I plan on using it tonight. We'll see how well it works. :) THANK YOU BETH!! You're such an awesome sister.

And yet one more reason why today was a good day... ALISON COMES TOMORROW!!! She's actually on a plane RIGHT NOW on her way here!!! And I'm so very very very excited. So tomorrow there will be pictures of both of us on the blog!!! It's so cool that I'm going to be able to show someone around. Someone's actually going to be able to see how I live. :) She arrives at 6:45am... which is awesome because the first bus to the city doesn't come until 6:54am. :) So I might be a little late. But she's coming!!!!!!!!!!

So excited.

It was a good day.

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barnoult said...

I'm smiling so much right now! Your blog made me have a good Thursday too! Love you!

P.S. Katie's fav sound is the rain. :-)