Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last first week here... done.

It's another Wednesday!

I had my second class today - Media Audiences. It was interesting. I'm a little more nervous about this one than I was about my first class. I'm afraid that I'll have to put a little more thought and effort into this class. More research, more reading. The class surrounds the idea that the tangible audience is really disappearing with the evolution of technology and new outlets of media (such as the Internet, mobile phones) and interactivity of media (youtube, blogs, webisodes). It's the research of the new "audience". Sound confusing? Yeah... I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to write a 4000 page paper and give a presentation on it.

While on a quick break during class, Wendy (my professor) entered the room and asked if any of us were interested in Indigenous creatures, because there was enormous reptile outside. Of course I jumped out of my seat, grabbed my camera and ran outside. I was expecting a snake, but instead I found a giant Goanna.

Other than class, my day was fairly relaxed.

I bought a printer. Yippee! It's actually very nice not having to rely on the computer room that is provided for the PostGrads. Before I went home for holidays the room had 5 computers and 3 printers - 2 of which didn't really work and the remaining being touch-and-go. Sometimes it would work perfectly, while other times you would pray for ink to come out of the cartridge just so that you could finish printing your assignment. Now the computer room consists of 5 computers - 3 of which won't even turn on, and 1 that's not hooked up to a printer. The remaining computer IS hooked up to a computer, however when you are finally given the chance to print (because that's the computer everyone is using) the computer, for some reason, only wants to print one of the 3 documents that you need to print. Oh... and it takes about 10 minutes for the computer to boot up.

So yeah... having a printer will be very nice. I've already printed 5 documents. :) It was wonderful. OH! And did I mention it's a combination printer/scanner/copier?? Yeah. Pretty awesome. It's the little things that make me happy.

Let's see... class... printer...

I had peek-a-boo chicken for dinner (for those that don't know: it's chicken in a mixture of cream of celery and rice). Took 3 hours to bake, so putting it in at 5pm wasn't the best idea. I was hungry by 6 and didn't eat until 8. But it was delicious.

And then, to finish of the evening, at about 8:30, while I was washing dishes, the fire alarm went off!! We were instructed to leave the building immediately and meet and the Emergency Assembly point. Two fire trucks came and everything. So exciting! Turns out the girl in the flat above ours left her stove going - I'm assuming something was inside - and smoke filled the flat. Nothing burned. Just got smokey. Too bad for her, she has to pay $800 for setting off the alarm and making the fire department come. (Note to self: do not set off fire alarm)

Hope everyone's doing well!!!
You can email me and let me know what you're doing too! I'd love to hear from you!

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Mom said...

Love your pictures! Praying mantis, spiders, goannas...oh my! Study hard! Love you!