Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alison in Brisbane

I'm so sorry, but today is going to have to be short. We did too much, took too many pictures, and not it's time for bed.

Today Alison and I went into the City:

1. Phantom of the Opera - at the Queensland Performing Arts Center
2. Walked through South Bank
3. Rode on the City Cat - boat that goes up and down the Brisbane River
4. Walked up and down Queen Street
5. Did some souvenir shopping
6. Met up with Esther
7. Ate some dinner at an awesome Pancake place that was built inside an old church.

Tomorrow's Easter. We're planning on going to church. And what's wonderful is that Ariel and Eddie (flatmates) are coming too!! Hopefully they're ears will be open and they'll understand everything that is said. Maybe just say a little prayer for them that they'll be able to process everything and that God will just open up their hearts.

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