Friday, March 7, 2008

Brisbane has skyscrapers!

Today I did something a little bit different, and headed into the city. I decided that I'm going to have to go the city more often, just to get myself off campus and out of Nathan (the city I live in). Downtown is so much more fun. There's so much more to look at and there's so much going on! So I'm going to try to make more trips there.

So today I went. The main purpose was to turn in my resume at the Queensland Performing Arts Center (QPAC), but I thought it would be nice to walk across the bridge and take a stroll in the city. It was such a beautiful day, I just couldn't pass it up.

So here's a little of my excursion today... enjoy!

A look from the walk over the Cultural Center. Looking towards Downtown.

A look back to QPAC while walking across Victoria Bridge.

Corner of the Queen Street Mall.

There ARE very tall buildings in Brisbane.

Story Bridge (on the other side of town)

Ferry boat and strange looking bird at Riverside.


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