Monday, March 24, 2008

planes, trains, and... buses.

we made it into Sydney.
this morning was pretty horrible though. i'm an idiot and forgot my passport in my room. it wasn't until Alison said something on the bus on the way to the train station that i remembered. so we got off at the next station, waited for the 10:07am bus back to campus. went got back to campus at 10:16am. i RAN to my room and got my passport, got back in time for the 10:30am bus back to the train station. we got to the train station JUST as the train arrived, but we didn't have tickets, so we missed it. waited for the 11:25am train to the airport, our flight was departing at 12:45pm. we got on, got to the airport at 12, pretty much walked right into the airport, no problems and got on the airplane. and WE'RE HERE!! yay!!! the hotel isn't that great. no internet in the rooms, i'm on a kiosk in the lobby (i have 1min left).

we went to Darling Harbour, which was nice, lots of people and restaurants - and had dinner. then walked around the city for a bit. i like it. there's lots of people and buildings and sounds. i'm super excited about tomorrow. we bought an Explorer ticket. it's a bus that you can hop on and off of at 27 different stops (Opera House, Bondi Beach, lots of places). so i'll let you know how that goes. (i have 20secs)

sorry.. no pictures today - although we took some pretty awesome ones.

we'll do a video at the end!!


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