Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mexico in Australia???

So tonight I was able to experience a Mexican restaurant in Australia. :)

Maija and I went to Montezuma's "the taste of mexico"... and it actually wasn't that bad! It was maybe just under El Torito. I don't quite understand their "Nachos". It was a plate of probably 15 chips laid flat out in a circle with beans and - what looked like tomato sauce but was supposedly salsa. I miss Pico de Gallo... nice chunky salsa. But it sufficed.

I had Chicken Enchiladas and... well... I did have a Margarita. Had to... it's a Mexican restaurant. :)

I am looking forward to going to Chipotle when I get back though...

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alijoy said...

Nachos like the nachos we had at Friday's in St. Louis? Those were stupid nachos. Do people not know what real nachos are? I don't understand.