Monday, October 8, 2007

Multicultural Dinners and Thunderstorms

So the past few nights have been exciting.

First, let's start off with the Multicultural dinner. But before that we have to go back.
Mom told me how to make pork chops and applesauce. :) So I went to the store, bought the necessaties and decided I'd make it for dinner. On my arrival back to my flat I was told by a friend that the Postgraduate housing was going to be having a multicultural dinner in the common room. I was going to make pork chops anyway... why not share it with a bunch of people?! So I cooked up my pork chops - which has a little funny story with it too:

Apparently applesauce isn't that big of a thing here. Because when I went shopping, I couldn't find it. After speaking with an employee I was told that they only have Apple Puree, and it only comes in lunchbox size containers (well that's nice). So I ended up buying a can of sliced apples, brought it back to the flat and mashed my own applesauce. :) Tasted pretty good actually!

So now I'm making my pork chops, with my freshly made applesauce - first time EVER making pork chops mind you - and it turned out beautifully!!!! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the entire plate after cooking. Sorry... wasn't thinking...

In addition to my tasty pork chops, I took along the extra applesauce and even made up some peanut butter and jelly sandwich bites to take along also. I was proud of myself.

The dinner was nice. Lots of food!!! Soup, mashed potatoes, curry, salad, spring rolls, tim tams, lamingtons, and so much more!!! Got to socialize with people that I don't normally hang out with. One of the RAs has been trying to get me out of my room ever since I got here, and he was blown away that I actually came to the dinner. :)

As exicting as the dinner was, it wasn't the highlight of the evening. The best part was the storm that rolled in. As soon as the sun went down there was this massive roll of thunder, and the sky lit up. It lasted for a good hour and then rolled on through. Same exact thing happened tonight. And they say it's supposed to continue for a few more days. I'm looking forward to it. I know the video won't be that good..... but I'm hoping you'll be able to see some of it. If anything, just enjoy it for the song... because it rocks.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!!!


barnoult said...

Pretty awesome indeed!

GOOD song selection! :-)

jessica johansen said...

The song is awesome!! I loved your multicultural dinner! :) Looks like you are having so much fun "down unda" :)

alijoy said...

AND... nice shirt there!