Thursday, October 18, 2007


MOSQUITOS: like 10 (that's total, not just what I have now. Right now I have only 2.)
ANDIE: 1!!!


Okay, here's the scenario:
I'm sitting in my room, minding my own business, trying to write my paper when I look up and to the right and see something flying in the air. My eyes focus (remember, I've been staring at a computer all night) and realize that it's a mosquito. And a HUGE one at that. So I follow it around my room as it moves more towards my window. I put my hands up around it to give it the clap of death. I clap. Look at my hands. Nothing! I look around. Nothing! Crap!

So I proceed to spray my entire body with Rid: Tropical Strength Repellent (my handy dandy friend that I keep on my desk).
I sit down to write my paper. Mind you I'm in the zone, got my groove going. I look up again and I see it!!!! Right above me. Hands in position, I clap. Open my hands. NOTHING! What in the world?! Maybe I hit it and it landed on my desk. I look. Nope. Maybe it missed my desk and landed on the ground. Nope. Dude! What is up?!

I then proceed to light my Outdoor Citronella candles that I have located on my desk and bookshelf. And continue to type.

Five minutes later it's buzzing right in front of my face. Taunting me! Clap of death and miss.
Then, it makes a move that costs him his life... he flies between a rock (otherwise known as the cement bricks that make up my wall) and a hard place (okay... not so hard... just my hand). I slap the wall and BOO-YAH. Andie's up on the scoreboard!!
I must admit I did have a small celebratory cheer directly following the death of the little vampire.

But my candles still burn... because you never know when his friends will come in to look for him.


barnoult said...

...Wow! I actually got chills! Watch out bugs - she's a force to be reckoned with. ;-)

Mom said...

Heeheehee! That was great! Go get em Andie!