Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More fun weather!!!


Another storm was scheduled to roll in tonight - and boy did it.

All afternoon the clouds have been coming in. Around 4:00 the thunder started to roll. Starting around 5:00 it started to rain slightly - just after I took out the trash, good timing. :) Around 5:15 it started to really POUR. So I thought I'd take it all in from my bedroom window. Pulled up a chair, put up my feet and just watched the rain come down and listen to the thunder. It was great. Then it started to get louder and I began to hear a "clinking" sound. Thought it was just the rain coming down really hard. Then I noticed small balls falling from the trees. Just thought it was pieces of the trees falling off. Then I realized that the things coming from the trees were white little balls. So I went out to the kitchen to get a better look. It got louder. I went out the door and saw the hail. Pelting down from the sky about the size of marbles.

Just listened to the news and the newscaster was saying that in some parts of NorthEast Brisbane got 40mm of rain in an hour. That's about 1.6inches in an hour. Which is very good for Brisbane.
Crazy weather. I love it.

Oh... and since the weather has been nice and wet during the evening and hot during the day, the mosquitos have been out and biting again. So I'll incorporate a new update:

Mosquitos: 3, Andrea: 0

They found a new location though - they're at the knees instead of the feet. Which is good, because they don't itch as much.



Elizabeth said...

That hail looks pretty awesome! Glad you are enjoying it. Nice job on the dinner the other night too!

Anonymous said...

i love that you and i are so similar on how we feel about weather. ive been thinking about you alot lately now that greys is back on. i miss our fun get togethers. oh and theyre opening up a mel's diner in rossmoor. so now we dont have to drive all the way to l.a. to eat at mel's.