Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Beach!!!

Today was a gorgeous day! A beautiful Saturday... so why not go to the beach?!

Maija invited me to go along with her, her brother and a couple of their friends down to the Gold Coast for a nice beach BBQ and some nice sun bathing. :) How could I refuse?!

So around noon we headed down to the coast. When we got there us girls (Maija, Alyssa and I) took a nice stroll up and down the beach. A little windy and cool, but not horrible. Still beautiful.

The guys, after taking their precious time showing up in their car, started up the BBQ and grilled up some sausages, chicken and steaks. After everything was cooked and our stomachs were growling, we enjoyed a nice beachside BBQ. It was delicious!!! Not too long after we were finished we gathered our things and headed out to the sand where we found a nice spot. Us girls took in the sun while the boys decided to go jump in the water (too cold for my taste). After a nice little nap and some chatting we decided to join in with the boys in a nice game of cricket!! I - for the life of me - couldn't get used to holding the bat (do they call it a bat?) down, so I pulled it up baseball style and took a crack at the tennis ball that way. :) It was fun. Around 4:30 we packed up our things and headed back up to Maija's house. After some discussion, we all jumped back in the car, went to Blockbuster (yup... they've got those here) "hired" a movie, walked next door and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut (yup... got that too), headed back to the house and just relaxed.

All in all it was a really really nice day.


Anonymous said...

yesterday i met some australians who told me that disney should expand and make a park down there. we decided to call it Disney i know isnt that clever? anyways it made me think of you and then miss doing a countdown at this point!


m said...

ahhh! look at my neck