Friday, November 16, 2007

Aussie BBQ

This past Wednesday the Nugent family hosted an authentic Australian BBQ :) The occasion was because a few of the girls from Lifegroup - not from Australia - were leaving: Michiko (a girl from Japan), Maria (from Norway), and me (from the States). The other two girls aren't coming back though. Maija's also leaving - which means she wouldn't be able to throw the party when I get back. So it all worked out.

The night was a lot of fun! For the main meal we had a lot of meat cooked are the barbie, sausage rolls and salad. And for dessert we had Pavlova, Lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits and heaps of Aussie lollies. Reeeeally good. :)

After we ate some of the girls hopped up and started showing us how to do the Nutbush - apparently it's a dance that everyone learns in Primary school. So everyone knew it... except Maija... she was having some trouble :)

Following the Nutbush a few girls left and the rest played Pictionary - not quite an authentic Australian game, but fun nonetheless. And me and Maija won! :) Try drawing "bless" or "yes"... they're difficult.

Enjoy the video!!

music by Regina Spektor, "On The Radio"

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