Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So tonight Bryan and I planned on going out to dinner and seeing a concert at the Sydney Opera House... but before dinner we took a stroll around Macquarie's Point at sunset. As we reached the bottom of the point, while I was busy taking pictures of the view, Bryan took away my camera and proceeded to tell me that there was one thing left for us to do in our relationship - to take it to the next level... he then got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.

:) (wish I could make that smiley a whole lot bigger!!)

I said YES!!!!!!

What was great was that Bryan had hired someone to take pictures of the whole thing. So now we have it documented forever.

Yeah..... he done good. I think I'll keep him ;)

We walked around the Botanical Gardens while the sun set deeper into the ocean and decided to take a seat on one of the benches. Once the sun was finally gone, we realized that the park actually closed at 5pm. So we booked it for the gate. Unfortunately we were too late (as well as a few other stranded park-goers). Luckily there was a Park Ranger number for us to call. And it wasn't long until we were rescued so that we could finish our wonderful evening.

We continued the evening with dinner at Alfredo, an authentic Italian restaurant in the city with the best Tiramisu and live piano music (with requests - he played 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You' and congratulated us on our engagement) - and then rushed to see our concert at the Opera House - which was fantastic.

It was such a good night!!


barnoult said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! (Good job Bryan!) :-)

Robert and Holly said...

I was hoping that's what the long-distance call from Australia was about!!! CONGRATULATIONS Bryan and Andrea!!! That video made me cry:) I am ESTATIC for the two of you... and it looks like you had a picture-perfect evening. Andrea- all these years of dreaming about Australia and the Sydney Opera House... I think a proposal from Bryan is the ONLY thing that could have topped that! Please call me when you can - I'll be carrying my phone everywhere I go... Love you guys!

P.S. Robert and I got engaged on June 18th 2005!!! 3 years ago today! How funny!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for the both of you and want to congratulate you on your engagement. We have always thought that you were suited so well for each other. The setting for this big event couldn't have been better and your pictures are fantastic along with the music.
May God bless you both as you start a new phase of your lives.
Love you Gram and Gramps

sigmund said...

Amazing! When I find the right guy, I am sending him to Bryan for pointers.

Seriously it was perfect! And I am thrilled for you both!

( case my name isn't obvious)

Amy and Dennis said...

So glad to hear the news. Welcome to the family.

Craig and Betsy said...

Praise God for His blessings to the Litton, Newman & Masi families for bringing 3 wonderful girls that we absolutely ADORE into our lives & families! Congrats to both of you; can't wait to see & hug you! And well done you, Bryan! Love, Craig & Betsy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the both of you!
What a beautiful place for a proposal. Enjoy your time together
and we wish you both the very best.

Aunt Sharon & Uncle Pat

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bryan and Andi. What a beautiful vido, and a beautiful place for such a romantic event. God Bless you both.
Chris and Mary Arnoult

Valerie said...

Love it!! I cried a little! Congratulations! And I love that you have pictures of the moment... cherish it forever!