Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bryan Gives Vegemite A Go

Tonight was Lifegroup at Esther's house... and this time Bryan got to attend :) He was the only guy, but it was still fun. I think the other girls approved of him.

Towards the end of the night, Bryan asked what he needed to try while he was in Australia... Esther quickly responded "Have you tried Vegemite yet?"... and of course I jumped up and said he hadn't.... so we all rushed to the kitchen to force the spread down his throat. :)

I was quite disappointed that his reaction wasn't as big as mine... but he still tried it. So that's enough.

Next on the list is burgers with beetroot (pronounced: beechroot, and what Americans simply know as beets). Bryan's looking forward to that.


Mom said...

I think we should have vegemite appetizers at the wedding to honor your Australian adventure! :)

Val said...

your face made me laugh so hard andie! I had to clutch my stomach because I was laughing so hard! Why does vegemite look like chocolate? It's such a disappointment.