Friday, May 30, 2008

Reading... writing... reading... writing...

One week left to finish this paper. But by this time next week it should be almost finished!! Woohoo!!

It's been raining for about three days now... and it's so nice! I lay on my bed with my sweatshirt and Uggs, have a cup of coffee nearby, with my window wide open so I can hear the rain, and read one of my books for my paper. So nice.

I worked two nights ago, and it was just non-stop rain. Afterwards, on my way to the bus, I snapped a quick picture of me and the city. It was just so pretty! So here's a little pic of the moment.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Robert and Holly said...

You're so adorable:) BTW: I need your mailing address please!

JARILYN said...

you're so pretty amd happy and joyful! I love the rain, but I bet it's way better in australia.