Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still celebrating my 25th!!!

Told you I'd let you know if anything happened!! :)

So today I went to the post office to check my mail - I do it on occasion, usually once every other week or so to make sure I haven't received too much junk mail. But today... when I got to my box I had a package slip!! I GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE!! So I went in to retrieve it, and the guy pulls out this box. And the first thing I see on the side is "Disney"... and a HUGE smile swept across my face.

My awesome, incredible friend Destiny sent me a belated birthday present..... FILLED with Disney goodies. In addition to the Disney stickers and Disneyland Parking Passes that bombarded the box.... I got:

- DCA (Disney's California Adventure) and Disneyland Theme Park guides
- Disney Princess Pens
- Disney Princess Bubble Bath (Enchanted Strawberry, to be exact)
- an abundance of Finding Nemo stickers
- a Jack Sparrow and Will Turner adorned notebook (woohoo!)
- a gynormous lollipop (that I want to savor forever and ever yet eat in one sitting all at the same time)
- a Dumbo Dollar (that will be worth millions one day!)
- Mickey Ears!

and last but not least...

- a Happy Birthday pin with my name on it from Disneyland!! (#25)

It was fantastic!! and an unexpected surprise (okay okay... I knew something was coming, but I was expecting a card or something small!)

So here's a fun little video...... because I want to put off this last paper as much as possible. :) ((but really shouldn't))


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Mom said...

The celebrating continues! Good friends are such a blessing!