Sunday, May 25, 2008

God bless America..... My home sweet home.

Hello everyone!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Sorry I've been so horrible at writing blogs lately. I've been writing papers, and when I'm done I don't really feel like writing more. But the semester is almost over, and I promise I'll write heaps when it's done. There's going to be so many adventures once break gets here. Sydney, Gold Coast, Whitsundays.... all to come.

But until then, I still have 2 weeks of writing. I've finished one of my papers. Just need to hand it in. I'm nearing the end of my second paper (actually hoped to have it finished tonight, but we'll see)... and then I have one more left after that with about 2 weeks to write it! So I'm almost done.

On top of that I'm still working and attending classes (sometimes).

Hope you are all well.
I'm doing good. Stressed out a lot and unmotivated at times. But pushing through as much as I can.

If something big happens I will definitely write about it. :)

Miss you all!!!!!!


Robert and Holly said...

You can do it, Andie!!! Just one sentence at a time:) And keep thinking about all the fun stuff you have to look forward to!

barnoult said...

I miss your blogs! But I'm glad you're working hard. Good job - and hang in there... only a few short weeks to go! Love you! Miss you!