Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Celebrations

Only two more days until I turn my paper in!!! I turned in a rough draft of it on Thursday and got good comments from my advisor. So, just a few more revisions and off it goes! Then it's party time!!!

This past week has actually been quite eventful. Heaps of birthday celebrations and also Halloween.

It all started last week Friday (Oct 24) with Chris's birthday. Chris is a friend that I met at Vanguard when I was still doing my Undergrad degree in Costa Mesa. He's now studying his Master's degree at University of Queensland (UQ). For his birthday, Alanah and I treated him with a ride on The Brisbane Wheel, the city's newest "tourist" addition, a ride up the Brisbane River on the City Cat, dinner at a little Italian place north of the city, and then dessert at a fancy little dessert restaurant in the Valley. It was a fun night.

The next day I got to put on a dress and heels, wear my pearls, and join a bunch of girls from church for High Tea and Jason Alexander's in the city for Sallie's birthday. It was really nice. They didn't seem to have our reservation (even after Sallie called them a few times during the week), but it actually turned out perfectly. Not only did they set up a table for us on the second floor, overlooking the River, we were the only people up there! Furthermore, we got COMPLIMENTARY champagne for having to wait for them to set up the table! It was great! The tea was really nice. With light classical music playing in the background, we chose our individual teas from a long list of varieties. Then they brought out tiered trays of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and individual desserts. It was delicious!! And a wonderful afternoon just being a girl. After Tea we decided to go see a showing of 'The Women' - it seemed appropriate for the day we were having. :)

Tuesday, although I didn't really celebrate anything, it's still a day that deserves noting. During my shift at work I decided to clean a serrated knife with a paper towel (who hasn't done that before?). I didn't think anything of it..... until, for some reason, the knife turned a certain way and a cut through my right, ring finger. After hopping up and down for a second in writhing pain I ran to the sink and covered it in a paper towel. Because it was a workplace incident I had to report it to Security, Health and Saftey, my Manager, my Supervisor, and HR. AND... I had to see a doctor. So that night, Alanah, being the best friend that she is, took me to a Clinic after her shift. I saw the Nurse and Doctor and they decided that I did NOT need stitches (YAY!) but it would be safe to get a Tetanus shot (it's only safe... seeing as how it wasn't my knife). So the Doctor cleaned and glued up my cut, and the Nurse shot me up with something. :) After a few days, my finger is starting to look like it's healing properly. I just hope it closes up enough before my parents and I get to Cairns.... sand, salt water.... not the greatest combined with open wounds. Here's a picture I took of it while we were at the Clinic... it's probably not as cool as I've made it out to be... but it's relatively the size of my pinky fingernail... I sliced it from the bottom up and it wasn't just a cut, it was a slice, the knife was moving in a downward motion while it was slicing through my finger. If I had kept cutting I would have sliced off the entire chunk. :) Sorry... not for the faint of heart. Actually, I did almost faint when First Aid was initially bandaging me up.

Moving along...

This past Friday was Halloween!! And seeing as how I didn't really celebrate it at all last year (because Australia just doesn't do that), I decided I wanted to do something. So Alanah and I went to Movie World (Warner Bros teeny tiny version of Universal Studios). We got all dressed up and headed on down the the Gold Coast (where the park is located). Gates opened at 5:45 and closed at 9pm (don't ask why... I was bummed that it closed so early too), and we got there at 6:30..... left with enough time to stand in lines for two rides: Superman Escape (awesome) and Scooby Doo (okay). We also grabbed some ice cream and walked around the park.. which took us probably all of 10mins. :) But it was fun. If anything, it was fun to just see everybody dressed up... and get a bit of Halloween.

I took pictures during all of the celebrations, and compiled a little video.... so here you go... some visual stimulation for your brain after reading all of that boring stuff:

Next blog will be about my parents!!!!!
:) [wish i could make that smile bigger!!]