Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Last year I made it home just in time for Thanksgiving and the start of all the great holidays. This year, however, I couldn't make it home. So instead of having Thanksgiving at home, I thought I'd bring Thanksgiving to Australia.... and Alanah let this happen by giving me her home to hold it in. :)

Thursday, November 27th, Chris (the other American) and I caught a train out to Wynnum to begin preparing our Thanksgiving Feast. It was great. We had the lot:

Alanah supplied the Turkey and the home to hold the "function" in.
Chris had the Mashed Potatoes covered.
I brought along the Candied Yams, Cranberry Sauce (my favorite!), Stuffing and Pumpkin Pie.
Alanah's friends...
Vic & Tim were in charge of corn.
Mel & Danny opted to bring a salad.
Soph & Lee handled the dinner rolls and some drinks.
and Alanah's sister Jamie and fiance Darren contributed the appetizers of cheese and crackers.

The night turned out perfectly. Dishes were finished relatively at the same time. Nothing burned. Everything tasted great. The company was warm and delightful. It was the best Australian American Thanksgiving I've ever had!!

Everyone was genuinely interested in hearing what Thanksgiving was all about, and were keen on joining in. They were most impressed by the Candied Yams and Pumpkin Pie - dishes they had never had before!! How deprived they are!! They said of the candied yams that it was the most bizarre, most interesting, most delicious thing they had ever eaten. It was described as "ice cream, but warm!". And the pumpkin pie, although the crust was a poor, rock-hard and slightly burned, example, was a hit, "the mix of spices is great". They all thought the combination of foods were perfect as well. :)

So the Australian American Thanksgiving was a success!! Hopefully some of them will continue the tradition.... being thankful for the founding of America so that hundreds of years later they could be introduced to an American than introduced them to such awesome food!!! :)

Prepping the food.

Chris carving the turkey.

Good company.

The table's set!

Such gooooooood food.

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Mom said...

Andie! Wow, I just looked at your blog today! There's only 7 more days and you're home!!!!