Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mom And Dad Come To Australia!!!!!!!!!

The blog is finally here!!! :)

I've seriously been more busy this past week than I have all semester! Just trying to fit in as much as possible before I go home!

But here is the blog many of you have been waiting for.

November 4th I turned in my final paper... EVER!!! .....and now I wait. :) Hopefully I pass and hopefully I graduate. I've already paid for my gown rental, so I'm counting on passing!

November 5th, Wednesday afternoon I flew down to Sydney to meet mom and dad who had arrived in Australia earlier that morning!! :) It was great!!! I flew in, grabbed the train, walked to the hotel room, knocked on the door... and there they were!! Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged, it was great!! So the next few days was getting to enjoy Sydney (for the last time) with my parents (for the first time). We took the beloved bus tour, and did all the good ol' stops. We took an excursion through The Rocks. And Dad and I even did the Bridge Climb!!! Mom was content with walking up the Pylon and video taping us.

November 8th, a Saturday, we continued our journey by hopping onto a plane to Cairns - northern Queensland - where we were welcomed with a gloriously sticky heat. :) But, no worries, we found our apartment located directly on the Esplanade (or... the 'nard) and turned on the air con. The following day was a ride-de-force up to the Daintree Rainforest. The trip felt like a ride out of Disneyland.... a close cousin to the jerky Indiana Jones ride. At times the "big rig" rode so close to the edge of the hill, you felt as though you were going to just roll right off. But of course, you'd be fine, because the vehicle you were in was impenetrable. Thrilling! Scary! Exhilarating! The trip took us up the coast, over a river via a cable drawn ferry boat, through treacherous crocodile-infested wetlands.... okay, not really, but could have been... We stopped off at the beginning of the Rainforest and took a stroll, finding spiders, gripping vines, birds, wasps and so much more, then continued up to Emergen Creek and took a quick dip in the creek, followed by Afternoon Tea. The trip then proceeded to return down, where we stopped for a late lunch and were able to also feed Kangaroos and Wallabies and view the feeding of a crocodile. The rest of the trip allowed us a nap as we journeyed back into town.

We took the next day off to kind of relax and recoop. But Tuesday, November 11th we were off again, this time to the Reef on a Reef Crusie. Morning tea welcomed us during our hour and a half ride out to the Reef. And then we docked up against a pontoon. First things first, we jumped into the glass-bottomed boat and took a tour around the Reef, discovering turtles, Parrot Fish, giant Clams, coral and NEMO!! After the glass-bottomed boat, we quickly put on our incredibly good-looking, tight, bright Red, lycra suits and jumped into the water to get an up-close and personal look of the Reef. Took a little lunch break, then jumped back in again until it was time to leave. :( Fortunately, our departure was postponed so we were able to enjoy the water (from a inside the boat) for longer!! Unfortunately, it was a little over an hour, and a line and gotten twisted in the propeller.. but we got free drinks and food because of it!! Poor new guy. :( But we made it back to the mainland... safe and sound.

The next day, November 12th, we were on a plane again (two separate planes actually) back to Brisbane where we toured the city, had some dinner with friends and took the train down to the Gold Coast on a quick day trip.

But November 16th, Mom and Dad were back on another plane... this time destined for Los Angeles. :( Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged. And they were off..... but we had such a great time......

I apologize. I don't have any actual real footage because I'm unable to transfer footage from the video camera to my computer at this time.

It was easier to let them go, knowing that I would see them again in just over 4 weeks.

And here we are..... 21 days away from my return to the States!!!!!!!!

Just this past weekend I was able to go down the coast to Coolangatta with Alanah. Great fun... look forward to some pictures from that trip.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!!!!!! And I will be celebrating it with a bunch of my Aussie friends... look forward to a blog on that as well. :)

Hope everyone is well!!!!


Mom said...

I smiled the whole time while I was reading your blog. We did have such a great time. I can't wait to see the video! Hope your Thanksgiving Dinner turns out great! Maybe it will become a tradition for your Australian friends.
Happy Thanksgiving, Andie!
Love, Mom and Dad

Robert and Holly said...

Finally! I've been waiting for an Andie update! I can't believe your time in Australia will be over in 21 days - that's crazy! Enjoy it... and have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your aussie friends:)