Monday, April 28, 2008


I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since my last post. Twenty days!!!! Man, this month's flown by! And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But then again, it could be bad... seeing as how I only have 6 weeks to finish all my projects. And actually, they're starting to diminish slowly. I now only have my presentation and the 3 papers left. So that's something!!

Other than assignments and work, life has been pretty uneventful. Except for this past weekend. This past Friday was ANZAC Day (abbreviated for 'Australia, New Zealand Army Corps'). It's a day to remember all the troops that have fallen in battle in past years - most notably those killed in combat at Gallipoli (a bit like Normandy). So we had the day off of classes... and I'll try to make this make sense: because Friday was a holiday and they wanted to balance out classes, we had Friday classes on Thursday instead of Thursday classes. So I didn't have class on Thursday! Instead I went down to the Gold Coast.

Thursday and Friday the Worth's church (the Worth's are my friends that live in the Gold Coast - Bec's family) had a big birthday event. The church celebrated its two-year birthday. To do so, they invited Colorado paster, John Bevere to speak, Australian Idol runner-up, Matt Corby to perform, and British Christian band, Delirious to give two concerts! And let me say, Delirious is amazing. I loved them when I was younger, and then kind of almost forgot about them... not really forgot, but just never really stayed up to date with. But they are great! They're new album is wonderful (even bought a t-shirt).

It was a really great two days. Busy but great. A nice break to the norm.

In addition to my recent outing to the Gold Coast, more news includes the return of the mosquitos. Apparently they went on vacation and now they're back and very very thirsty. I started getting bites when I was down on the Gold Coast. And they must have followed me back to my room, cause I've been getting even more. The tally is as follows:

- 2 on right foot, 4th toe
- 2 on right ankle
- 1 on right heel
- 1 on bottom of right foot
- 1 on bottom of left foot
- 1 on back left thigh
- 1 on right pinky
- 1 on top of right hand
- 1 on right forearm
- 1 on right elbow
- 1 right outside of right armpit
- 1 on left side of neck
- 1 on right backside of neck
- and i'm pretty sure, 1 on top of my head

I keep spraying bug spray... but it just doesn't seem to help. I don't know what to do. Just waiting for them to get sick of my blood. *sigh*

No big plans this week except maybe start on papers, work, and go see 'Iron Man' sometime.
I'll try to post a little more often and try not to wait twenty days until my next post.


Mom said...

Yay! I'm happy you're blogging again! I'm sorry about your mosquitos. I looked for mosquito repellents online. Some say garlic tablets, some say Vitamin B Complex, someone also said Gin. :)

Robert and Holly said...

I hate mosquitos!!! I remember being covered in them in Spain (at one point I had over 40 bites) and feeling absolutely miserable! I'm so sorry for you!