Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Melbourne Video

And now for the quick video of Alison and my trip to Melbourne.

Just as a reminder: we arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon. It started raining later that afternoon, so we ended up staying in for the night (we did venture out to grab some food however - and took a little tour of the city from Bec's car). The following day was dedicated solely to the Great Ocean Road. Friday we were so exhausted that we ended up sleeping in until noon, not getting out until 1pm. And we had to fly out by 10:15 (the airport being 45mins away). So we crammed as much as we could into the few hours that we had in the city. And not having much planned, we ended up just walking around randomly. We stopped for some coffee and later some more coffee and cake. But we mostly just looked at buildings. Bec got off work around 6, I believe, and we headed over to Southgate for some dinner. And then we were off to catch our flight.

Also... just a little story about our flight back. We ended up not getting done with dinner until about 8. We walked back to Bec's apartment and still had to pack a little. I don't think we really left until about 9 or so. We stopped for petrol (gas) and then got a little lost. If you read above, you'd notice that our flight was at 10:15pm and the airport was 45mins away. So let's do some math here..... 9:15 plus 45mins is..... yeah... 10pm. LUCKILY... when we finally got to the airport, we were told that the flight had been delayed an hour. However, that didn't stop wonderful Darlene at the check-in counter from slapping our hands with a ruler a little bit. We got quite the little reprimand. So, God was on our side that night. Otherwise we'd probably have ended up staying the night at the Avalon airport, catching the next flight in the morning.


Mom said...

After watching those cars turning left from the right lane...wow, we're definitely not driving in Australia!

barnoult said...

Yay! Another video! (I love the videos...) :-)

Aussies are CAAARRRAAAZZZZZZY! Turning left from the right lane??? Whaaaa???