Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Ocean Road Video!!!

Sorry it's taking me so long between posts and videos.

The semester is in FULL swing and assignments are beginning to build on top of each other. And what's more is I got a job!!! That's right! QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Center) hired me. So I'm working 20 hours a week there. Just started this past week. It's nice, good people and great atmosphere. I'm only a Food and Beverage attendant, but I figure I really don't need anything too substantial. I mean, I'm only allowed 20 hours, and I'm studying, so what good is it to really put myself in a job that's really hard.

With that said, posts will probably start to dwindle a bit. I was looking at my planner tonight and I'm beginning to get a little stressed actually with what I have to do, and how little of time I have to do it. To give you and idea, I have about 2 months to complete the following:

(2) 1500 word short answer reports
(1) 1500 word proposal
(1) case study presentation
(3) 4000 word essays

So it's gonna be a crazy 2 months. And it's not like I've been putting everything off!! I haven't received the questions to the short answers yet, we just talked about the case study presentations and what is supposed to go into them, and two of the essays' topics are given (which won't be handed out until about 2 weeks before they're due). CRAZY professors!!!

So prayer is needed!!!

But while you wait and wait and wait for another blog to be posted, please enjoy these videos of the tour Alison and I took on the The Great Ocean Road. We went through a tour group called 'Go West'. Our captain was Simon - a wonderful gentleman with a keen interest in music. Throughout the journey he played music that corresponded with what we were experiencing and viewing. It was great!! I'd recommend it to anyone!

I decided to split them into two parts so as not to overwhelm those of you that read this while at work.



Mom said...

What a great adventure you girls had! And how brave you were to go in that helicopter! Oh, and I remember singing that kangaroo song when I was a kid. :) I had no idea what it meant, just a silly little ditty from some country called Australia. Little did I know my daughters would be singing it in Australia!

barnoult said...

Great video! I feel like I was in the helicopter with you! (They let you sit in front??? Did you get to fly???!)

Oh, and per the Kangaroo song -

"I love you you know..." :-)