Monday, August 11, 2008

Look Mom! I'm blogging!!! :)

Such delay! I know!
Not a whole lot has been happening. But I do have a few pictures that I can share with you.

This past Friday night my flatmates and I gathered 'round the TV to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. We mainly just wanted to see the performances and the lighting of the torch... but seeing as how the lighting of the torch wasn't until the END of the ceremonies we ended up sitting through the entirety of the countries introductions. We made it fun by bringing out flags and cheering for our own country when the finally walked out. It was fun. :)

Sunday night I was able to attend a different church with one of the girls from my work, Alenah. The church is located in West End - close to where I work in South Bank and is called Christian City Church. It was nice. There was a lot of prophecies being given over people, so it was interesting. Different than what I'm used to, but inspiring. Afterward we went to this little Indian Tea and Coffee shop called Batavia. It was great! They give you your tea, coffee, shake on a little platter, separated so that you can pour it all together yourself. Alenah's friend, Victoria, got an Iced Tea. It came on a platter with a large, chilled soda glass, the tea in a jug, honey water in a small cup, sugar water in another, and lemon and mint leaves in another. Alenah got a Chai Latte - all she had to do was mix a jug of the hot Chai mix and hot milk into a large mug. Dale, another friend from church, got an Iced Chocolate - this came with a chilled soda glass with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, a jug of hot chocolate syrup, and a jug of cold milk. He then had to mix it all together. Looked good. MINE was a Chai Gatto Latto. I got a mug of ice cream with what looked like cinnamon mix sprinkled on top, and a mug of hot Chai on the side that I then poured over the ice cream. It was SOOOO good. :) Definitely going back again.

Let's see... other things that have been happening......

- Been working a lot.
- Been trying to get my paper started, but am having some serious motivational difficulties.
- I saw a silent film at the Brisbane City Hall. It was crazy! A lady played the music to it non-stop for 2 hours and was practically perfect! It was incredible. The event was part of the Brisbane International Film Festival.

- There's a new ferris wheel that's going in at South Bank. Drove past it Sunday and the buckets for the people are up - so it should be up and running soon.

- Alison's going to be here in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! She'll be here for Riverfire!!! :) SOOOOOO excited for more company.
- My parent's bought their plane tickets yesterday... so they're definitely coming!!

That's pretty much it. :)
Sorry I've been slacking on the posts. I'll try to keep them more regular. That way I make sure that I'm doing something exciting every week so I'll have something to write about. :)

Hope everyone's well!
Remember... you can write me back too and let me know how you're all doing! :)


Valerie Geary said...

hey that one picture of the silent film movie.... it looks like there's a ghost in the room!!!! Awesome!

JARILYN said...

val is creepy. but i like hearing what you've been up to. and i want to go to that coffee shop. and i love you.

Mom said...

Yay for a new blog! I talk to you almost every day, but I also love reading your blogs. So thanks Ann. And sorry, but I'm not going to ride the new ferris wheel when we get there :(, but I would like to go to the coffee/tea shop. :)

BIGMatt said...

Michael Phelps 8x GOLD MEDALS!!!!
F- YEAH!!!

Whats up with trampoline jumping and synchronized diving?

You HAVE to take a picture from the TOP of the ferris wheel!