Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dresses and Spring Rolls :)

This week has been a bit more eventful than the last two. :) YAY!

Classes have begun, and the campus is buzzing with people. I don't have any classes, but I did meet with my advisor today about my Research Paper. And he informed me that my paper does NOT have to 12,000 - 15,000 words! :) Nope! It only has to be 8,000-12,000!!! He's looking for something around 10,000 words. Soooo much better than 12-15. So I'm feeling better about it. This week is all about finding a solid topic and writing up a proposal to show to my advisor next week. So lots of reading coming up this week.

Sunday was a great day. Sharon and I got to go into the city and begin "the dress" hunting. :) It was SO much fun. I felt like a princess! And I decided that I'm going to take full advantage of this situation and try on as many dresses as possible. However extreme they are, however poofy they are, however expensive they are (and I have already)... because I only get to do this once. And I love the feeling of trying on these dresses. I seriously felt like a Disney princess in one of the dresses. Big, poofy, taffeta and organza up the wazoo. It was fantastic. Who wishes we could get to dress up like that AT LEAST once a year?? Who wants it to be more like 5 or 6 times a year?? Anyone want it every day??? :)

After trying on dresses we went up to Portside Wharf to check out the Chocolate and Coffee Affair that they were having next to the river. There were booths set up all along the water with... well... chocolate and coffee. We just caught the last half hour, but we were able to get some free iced coffee and snag a few chocolate covered strawberries (which were not free unfortunately... but $.50 was worth it). It was a really fun day.

Tonight my new flatmate Vu (Vietnamese) and his friends made us all dinner. It was authentic Vietnamese spring rolls. They cooked (boiled) pork and beef and what we did was add it to rice paper with lettuce and a slice of cucumber. Once rolled, we dipped the spring roll in a type of fish sauce with chile and garlic. It was actually really good! :) We finished off the meal with an apple each. Quite a meal... and GREAT company. I took video of Vu explaining how to wrap the spring roll, but for some reason it's not transferring to my computer with audio. So pictures of the night will have to suffice for now. I'll work on it again tomorrow and see if I can get it working.

Hope you all have a great rest of the day!


barnoult said...

Whoah! Scandalous wedding dress on your right in the picture! Seriously??!! What bride wants their bootie hanging out like that? (NOT YOU by the way...) :-)

Robert and Holly said...

Not fair! I want to go dress shopping with my Andie!!! I think you should shop for dresses in Australia, California, and Oregon (just to make sure you've exhausted ALL your options:)) When do we get to talk on the phone again???

JARILYN said...

yay for dressing trying-on. I'm thinking the once a month option would be my choice. haha - i love it. I have gone wedding dress shopping with 2 friends in the past few weeks, and it is SO hard for me not to just sneak away and try on a couple myself. :) haha! (I love you)