Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Australia.... take two.

aaaaand I'm back!! And to be completely honest with you, it's a really weird feeling. Kind of like the whole being home thing was a dream.

I departed LAX at 11:55pm, Monday Feb 25th and arrived in Brisbane early at 7:25am, Wednesday Feb 27th. Oh, but I didn't lose a day completely. My flight actually didn't take off until 12:07am, Tuesday Feb 26th. So there! I did get to enjoy some of Feb 26th.

The flight was okay. I flew Qantas this time around. The terminal was great (Bradley International), and everything went quickly and smoothly. I even got an extra half hour with the family before having to step through security, so that was extremely nice. The plane seemed like it should maybe retire. It was a little old. The first thing to see was a fellow-flyer trying to fix his head rest, only to have it pop off the back of the seat into his bewildered hands. The flight attendants tried to get it to go back on, but ended up having to call in maintenance and everything was remedied. Another reasoning of retirement would be that my light wouldn't light after having pressed the 'On' button several times. And when I pressed the call button to see if a flight attendant could help me, I realized it too was not working. Finally, my movies weren't working properly. They were glitchy, the sound would stutter and the picture were freeze. So I took two Benedryl and slept for 6 or 7 hours. The rest of the flight was fine. No movie meant more Sudoku time for me. I think I only got four puzzles finished, however.

So here I am, in Australia... again.
This time around it's a little easier. Instead of having nothing to look forward to, I now have friends and church to cheer me up. Instead of school leaving me stranded at the airport I have an awesome friend that picks me up with cool signs.

So... it's all good.

I've got my room in order. I've done some grocery shopping (although, my stomach isn't really enjoying food at the moment). And I've defeated the entire moth population of the state of Queensland (or so I wish)... let me explain...
Upon my arrival at my flat I noticed quite a few moths flying around. When I looked at the ceiling I was surprised to find more. When I raised my curiosity to my flatmate, Eddie, he told me that last week was worse. Worse?? And then he proceeded to show me where they were all coming from......... our cupboard, or pantry. He opened the doors and they were flying everywhere. I couldn't believe how someone could let that happen! So I put my foot down and said the moths had to go!! We cleared out all the food, throwing away anything that we thought might have a tiny trace of moth babies in it. Sprayed out the whole thing with bug spray. Wiped it down with cleaner, but not before taking a picture or the disgusting ordeal.

Then again with just a wet cloth. Let it dry, while running around the flat with the vacuum sucking up all remaining moths in sight. Then filled the cupboard back up with the rest of the food. *Phew!!* It was exciting. GROSS. But semi-entertaining. There's still a few survivor moths flying around. But if I can reach them, they die.

Gonna go sleep now, hopefully I'll sleep well through the night.
Tomorrow holds some shopping, but other than that.... well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Until then!


barnoult said...

I love your blogs! So well-written and so entertaining! :-) Miss you already!!!

Robert and Holly said...

Shoot! I wanted to talk to you before you headed back. Unfortunately, I've been in bed for the past WEEK with a very bad virus. Do you have a phone there? How do I talk to you on that skype thing? I'm so out of the techno-loop:) Hope you're having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Andie's blogging again! Love you Andie...MOM

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading your blog. In all of the sad situation of moths you make it sound so comical. Keep up the good humor. We miss you already but look forward to reading your blogs.
love you....gram and gramps....